Book 1 of Farlander

"Completely absorbing... I just couldn't put it down." - Glen Cook, Author of the Black Company novels

"Farlander turns out to be something special ... The story grips from the astonishing opening sequence to the unexpected conclusion." - The Times

"A truly exceptional book." - David Drake, author of Legions of Fire

"Col Buchanan's debut novel is gripping... Delightfully undermines expectations." - SFX

"A fast-moving novel that, for all its fantasy elements, explosively addresses the universal questions facing any society. " - L.E. Modesitt, Jr, author of Imager's Intrigue

Stands a Shadow

Book 2 of Farlander

"The novel is nigh-impossible to put down ... even better than the author's debut. Engaging and addictive, Stands a Shadow is one of the best novels I've read this year. " - Civilian Reader

"Like its predecessor, this is fantasy of the highest order - reminiscent of George R.R. Martin. Compelling writing and a pulsing plot. " - Book Geeks

"One of the most refreshing fantasies out there." - SFX

"The story will sneak up on you - yes, like an assassin - and before you realize it, it'll be early in the morning, your eyes will be bloodshot, and tears will be running down your face. I absolutely adored the unconventional hero Ash." - Paul Goat Allen, Barnes & Noble.com

The Black Dream

Book 3 of Farlander

"Digs deeply, drawing from the very marrow of the past ... draws upon the harsh truths that history have taught us to create stories that feel epic in scale. The result is a world in which every person feels believable and real." - Ed Fortune

"I love this series ..." - Civilian Reader

"What sets Buchanan apart from the crowd is his instant readability and writing skill. In his hands, what once seemed ordinary soon becomes a class on its own." - Upcoming4.Me

"The third novel in the fabulous Heart of the World series."Fantasy Reader

Fierce Gods

Book 4 of Farlander

A time of reckoning has begun. For ten long years the Free Ports have managed to hold their own against the empire of Mann – but now the empire is poised to destroy them.

With the war entering its darkest hours, who will survive?



The High Wild

An experimental new SF series

Science Fiction set in the same solar system and time as the Farlander fantasy series.

Secret Rulers of the World. Streaming Intelligences. Aliens. Talking manimals. Eaters of the Light. The Crypto-Nation. Fall Worlds and Wild Worlds. Crowdfunded Resistance. Prison planets. Planet Kracking. Mass surveillance and mind control. Diabolical Folds. Mojo, flying gnostics, and a desperate leap of faith into Space ...

COMING SOON (a work in progress).

Enter the Heart of the World
Enter the Heart of the World